This page is for my dear friend may know her as "Patao".

I'll See You There

We met online by accident, or was it part of His plan.

God knew I needed a friend like you, to make me understand.

So caring and giving, you are a friend to all.

God has given you a special talent, you are answering His call.


You have helped me with PSP, where we both like to play.

The sad thing is we have never met, you are so far away.

Some people may say, you can't really be friends with someone you can't even see.

But your goodness comes shining through, and that is good enough for me.


It is true that we will probably never come face to face.

At least not here...but in a better place.

Oh how wonderful it will be! No more sickness, no more pain.

For then we will be under God's reign.


What fun we will have, running through the fields rejoicing without a care,

And it won't be for a short time but eternity, so take care my friend....

I'll see you there