This page was made in memory of my Dad, Frank Rosenberry, on the 5th anniversery of his passing.
My dad was one of the kindest men you will ever meet. He was very giving and was always there lending a hand to someone who needed it.He loved to bowl and play poker with his sons. Sometimes I played cards with them too. But they didn't like it when I played. If I won, I would quit and not let them win their money back...LOL.

He liked to collect hats with funny sayings on them. He had a great sense of humor. And he loved John Wayne! I think he had every movie he ever made. He was an avid "Detroit Tiger" fan, although he sure got mad when they weren't playing well...haha.

We all still miss him terribly, he will always be in our hearts.
Below is a poem I wrote shortly after he passed away.

Losing Daddy

It happened one summer day
Totally unprepared for what
I would have to face that day.

We got the call,
Come help with daddy,
he's not himself at all.

Upon arriving I could obviously see,
Someone took my daddy.
This was not the man who raised me.

How could his children gang up on him this way??
In his mind
We were there to put him away.

I looked into the eyes of someone I had never seen before.
My daddy would not be this cruel to me.
Those words I must try to ignore.

As summer turned to fall,
and fall became winter,
I could see his strength begin to wither.
The holidays left me sad,
I knew what was coming,
What would I do without my dad?

Then in February, one week after his birthday,
God decided it was the right time
To take him away.

I miss my daddy but I'll be ok,
I shared my thoughts with him and promised
I would see him again someday.

© C.Cowley~2003~