Ziggy's Story

Well actually I don't know the whole story about Ziggy. Only what I have heard and seen myself. I acquired Ziggy on 12-29-07. So as of this writing I have had him less than a week. A friend called and said they knew some people who had this bird. Evidently the man went to jail for something and the girlfriend decided to take off, so she asked my friends to take the bird and find it a home. So this is where I come into the picture.

From what I have been told, Ziggy's previous owners were not very nice to him. They taught him to swear (which I haven't heard yet). And I guess the man would walk by Ziggy's cage and hit it. I am sure that got him stressed out and mean. The only thing he had to play with in his cage was a bell hanging on a wire. When he got mad, he would just start attacking the bell with a vengeance. That came out after I saw him do this. I do not know how long it had been since he had been out of his cage. I know it was at least a couple of weeks.

And his cage.....I have never seen such a mess. It took us 3 hours to clean it, put it back together, and then cleanup and disinfect everything we used. His cage had not been cleaned for I would guess, a couple of months. Below are pictures of the way it looked when we got him.

Now this looks better!!! Looks like a brand new cage.

Ziggy is coming around. I can see quite a difference already. He gets these fits of screaming but if you walk over to him and talk gently, he usually stops. And he has this awful head bobbing thing he does. Now my other birds bob their heads too but this is very different. Very fast short movements. I think he is just so stressed out. That has improved a great deal also. At first I couldn't get within 5 feet of him, he would go into attack mode. But now in less than a week's time, he will let me pet his head and will step up onto my finger. He is starting to talk more also. And the thing that stole my heart....is his laugh. He sounds just like a person! When you hear him, you can't help but laugh yourself. And all of his laughing does not sound the same. He copies different people.
I am thinking in time he will be a very nice pet. He just needs some TLC!

To Be Continued....

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