This silly bird will eat or drink just about anything. He will try to get a drink of whatever you have sitting near. He likes to try to get your pop or coffee. He gets one taste and that is it. These things are not good for him at all.

There are many different tyes of conures that vary greatly in size, color, and personality. Some are better talkers then others. Rascal knows a few words and isn't afraid to use them..LOL! He can say eat, night-night, Ricky, and Rascal good birdie. I have gathered up some of my favorite Bird links and listed them below. These are not all parrot sites. I also have 2 cockatiels...Paulie & Pattie, and 2 finches...Zeek & Zac.
Below is a story about my Cockatiel Paulie at Cockatiel Cottage Bird of the month section.

"Paulie" (Bird of the month)

On the next page I have put some poems about birds that really touched me. I received them by email so I don't know all of the authors. If you are a bird lover, I know you will like them too.