This page is for my funny little bird "Rascal". We sure didn't realize when we named him Rascal, how well the name would fit. He is a Green Cheek Conure. I was very surprised at some of his antics. He does things that I never thought about birds doing. I had never seen a bird sleep on it's back before. He will lay right in your hand, feet up and sleep. I guess conures don't like to sleep sitting on a perch. Rascal does not even sleep in his cage anymore. He has his own blanket and pillow. He crawls under his blankie and goes to sleep. He stays there until morning. He gets up when he is ready and I take him back to his cage so he can pottie.
He likes to go into the bathroom when my husband takes a shower and sit on the shower rod. He doesn't seem to want to get wet, he only bathes in his water dish.

**NOTE** Our beloved little rascal passed away in the spring of 2012. It was horrible! A couple of months later we replaced rascal with 2 green cheeks....they sure do not have the same personality. Although they are nippy like Rascal. There names are Cain and Able, yup, brothers. And Cain sure is the dominant one. I am sure I will make a page just for them.


I never know what he will do next. As you can see below, he loves to hang upside down on my curtains