October Leaves

As the red and yellow leaves of October. Fall. Floating toward the earth. I wonder, Do they feel the push of the wind? Pulling them off their place of life? Do they cry? Are they in pain, of being seprated from the branches, they knew so well, from wence they were born? It seems like, The day before, They were happy. But watching everything, Around them. Waiting, Waiting, For something. Something they just couldn`t grasp, or explain. Now everything has changed. They lay helpless, upon the earth, Among the rest, who`d fallen, just days before. A lonely sight. It seems unfair somehow, As life goes on. But.. Without these October leaves, There would be no Spring, To begin again. A new generation of life to come, On this wonderful creative, World. But sadly again, Another unwanted leaf, falls, and floats, slowly and silently, downward.

Sally Ann Roberts

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